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A Gold Medal Red Eye

The XXII Olympic Winter Games are nearly over and Bob Costas has finally recovered enough from his eye infection to make it back onto the air.  On that first night of coverage he acknowledged the obvious raging red and swollen left eye and like many in this situation he expected that it would be better […]

A Taste of My Own Medicine

Since 1993 I’ve been counseling patients on how to get used to glasses and contact lenses.  ‘Just give it some time’ – I’ve said on hundreds of occasions.  And fortunately, a little time is all it takes typically.  With single vision lenses the transition into a new pair of glasses is usually quick – often […]

Google Goggles (not iGlasses) are in the news

So on April1st we had some fun with the iGlasses concept but straight from ‘the truth is stranger than fiction’ department comes new information about Google Goggles.  We first mentioned them on our Facebook feed on February 23rd and more information has been published recently including a video that demonstrates what they might be capable […]

Are your eyes tired?

Earlier this fall I attended the annual Missouri Optometric Association annual convention. This year it was hosted in St. Louis which is nice for us as it is close to home – less time on the road, less time out of the office, and less time away from family.  The meeting revolves in it’s location […]