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U.S. Government-funded Study May Actually Save Money

The news lately is full of stories about government waste – from extravagant GSA trips to Las Vegas to the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ to $300 hammers and $500 toilet seats.  Today’s Wall Street Journal reports on a study funded by our government that actually makes lots of sense and more than a few cents. To […]

Did your insurance change this year?

The trend for the last few years is to expect change when it comes to insurance.  It’s not at all unusual for patients to find that every year their insurance card has a different company name on it.  This year certainly has not been an exception.  We have also gotten more requests to be a […]

Where has this year gone?

It’s hard to believe there are just over two weeks until Christmas! These days are busy with shopping and other holiday preparations but don’t forget to take advantage of your insurance benefits and flexible spending account.  Also known as cafeteria plans, these accounts enable you to spend pre-tax dollars for various health related expenses.  For […]