Exciting new iGlasses are coming soon!

We have recently learned that we will be one of the first offices to carry these exciting new eyeglasses soon. iGlasses integrate the content of your iPhone (sorry Android users) directly into eyeglasses.  Developments in nanotechnology have enabled manufacturers to project the screen image in much the same way as heads up displays on fighter aircraft allowing you the freedom to safely read texts and browse the internet while just looking through your eyeglasses.  A miniaturized camera feeds your view back to the iPhone using Bluetooth to enable you to do internet searches just by looking at an object and blinking twice (like a double-click on your computer mouse)!  Suppose you are shopping in a store and want more information about a particular product.  Just look at the barcode and blink twice.  The iGlasses camera will send an image of the barcode to the iPhone which will then look up the item, give you the price at the current store based on your GPS location, give you comparison prices at other area and online stores, and bring up reviews on the product!  Amazing!

Of course, there is a cost of being on the bleeding edge of technology but the price is expected to drop by this time next year.  You know, just in time for April Fool’s Day!

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