Experience the lens that feels like nothing

The earliest contact lens designs were manufactured out of glass. Although technology has improved dramatically since that time, comfort has always been the single greatest challenge for contact lens wearers. Recently we’ve had the opportunity to try out a new material from Alcon and so far we’ve been impressed. Pretty much every time a manufacturer comes out with a new lens they describe it as revolutionary, game-changing, etc.  This one just might be.

Alcon reports that 9 out of 10 people feel nothing while wearing these lenses. Dailes Total 1 lenses are also as healthy as they are comfortable. The lenses offer exceptionally good oxygen transmission to help eyes stay white and healthy-looking.

I don’t know if contact lens racing will ever be exciting enough to be shown on ESPN but I do know these lenses are comfortable. The lubricity, or slipperiness, of the lenses is a big part of why. As you can see from this video the Dailies Total 1 lens is much more slippery.

We invite you to try this lens. Give us a call at 573-335-3937 to schedule your appointment to find out if this lens can work for you.

-Dr. McDougal

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