Google Goggles (not iGlasses) are in the news

So on April1st we had some fun with the iGlasses concept but straight from ‘the truth is stranger than fiction’ department comes new information about Google Goggles.  We first mentioned them on our Facebook feed on February 23rd and more information has been published recently including a video that demonstrates what they might be capable of doing.

Unlike our April Fools’ joke of iGlasses, Google Goggles will be Android based rather than integrating with the iPhone.  They function as a wearable heads-up display they will project semitransparent text, icons, pictures, and video that will overlay the rest of your vision.  The Google video suggests that they will enable you to schedule appointments, use current apps like Google Maps and Latitude to locate friends, listen to music, receive weather information, and even have video chats.  Google Goggles are reported to be many months, if not years, away from being publicly available.  That hasn’t kept Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, from being spotted wearing a pair.

Although this may be cutting edge technology they certainly are not fashion forward.  Maybe that kink can be worked out by the time Google Goggles are released to the public.  Anticipated costs are anticipated to be in the $250-$600 range.

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