Welcome to our new website

We are excited to launch our new website.  It serves as an extension of the conversations we frequently have with our patients.  We find that many people have similar questions.  What is astigmatism?  Do I have a cataract?  Why did I eat so much on Thanksgiving?  Well, we don’t have the answer to the last one but we can answer the first two and many more through this blog and the rest of our website.  The blog will be more conversational with answers to questions that are a little more complex than a definition or a simple yes or no answer.  Our vision library section will be an ever expanding area of our website where you can find definitions and short answers to common questions.

We welcome comments.  If you have questions about anything feel free to post them too.  Since you have the question, someone else could probably benefit from the answer.  Feel free to post the question as a comment to the blog or you can post it to our Facebook page.  We can’t answer questions about a specific person in a public forum but general questions are typically going to be fair game.  Sorry but we can’t offer specific treatment advice here either.  If you have questions about your treatment options send a private message through the “contact us” tab above or just give us a call.   You can reach us at 573-335-3937 for information or to schedule an appointment.

 We’d love to know what you think about our new site.

Check back again soon.


 The Regional Eyecare Center Team

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