Where’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot? Here Are Ours!


WHILE YOU’RE CHECKING OUT prescription sunglasses in our office, you may not be the only one dreaming about a tropical vacation.

With all of the snow and cold weather we’ve had lately we thought we’d share some of our favorite vacations with all of you. Read on to possibly get some ideas for YOUR next vacation.


We asked our team…

  •  “What is your favorite vacation spot?”
  •  “What are you planning for your next vacation?”


Here are their answers!

I will have to let you know when I come back from Cancun and try out my new snorkel equipment… -Angie

I, of course, would choose Paris! I really need to go somewhere else and get a new favorite. -Dr. Fowler

Ive been to Alaska and it is a beautiful place. We went salmon fishing and the only thing I ever caught was dead fish heads that someone threw back in! Alaska is a place I could visit over and over again!! – Shannon

West Palm Beach Florida….in any season….even when it is rainy….so I could play with our grandson! – Mary

I haven’t found a beach yet that I couldn’t enjoy.  – Dr. McDougal

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