Colored Contacts From Air Optix Will Give You A Whole New Look

WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE YOUR EYE COLOR any time? Perhaps a different color every day? Whether you already wear contacts or not, we can help you easily, safely, and economically change your eye color with Air Optix colored contacts.

Amazing Quality, Safety & Comfort

With Air Optix colored contacts, you enjoy…

– Superior Quality Assurance

– Exceptional Eye Safety

– Critical Breathability

– Unmatched Comfort

Non-Professional Colored Lenses Can Be Risky

The FDA has issued a warning about colored contact lenses from unregulated sources. In addition to pink eye, irritation, and even corneal scarring, you risk severe corneal infections that could potentially damage your eyesight. You may save a little bit of money on the lens in the short run, but you may end up regretting the decision in the long run.

You’ll Love The Way Air Optix Color Lenses Feel

Air Optix Colors are an improvement over other colored contact lenses on the market. As you would expect they come in a variety of great colors but they also transmit six times more oxygen than other colored contact lenses currently on the market. This makes Air Optix Colors look good and feel good while they are good for your eyes – a great combination.

The Air Optix Colors contact lenses are only available for people who are nearsighted now. We expect them to be produced for farsighted patients in the not too distant future. If you have astigmatism they may not be appropriate for you either. If you are interested in colored contact lenses please ask your doctor about these at your next appointment.

Upload Your Own Photo And See How You Would Look!

You like trying on new clothes, new makeup styles and hairdos… Why not try out a new eye color? Using the photo studio on the Air Optix website you can see how you would look.

Access the photo studio by clicking on the image below:


Let Us Know If You Have Questions Or If You’re Ready To Get Started!

We’re excited to offer such a fun option to our patients. Give us a call at 573-335-3937 to discuss the various options.

Additional Information About Air Optix…


Thanks For Being Our Valued Patient!

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