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Where’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot? Here Are Ours!

WHILE YOU’RE CHECKING OUT prescription sunglasses in our office, you may not be the only one dreaming about a tropical vacation. With all of the snow and cold weather we’ve had lately we thought we’d share some of our favorite vacations with all of you. Read on to possibly get some ideas for YOUR next […]

Experience the lens that feels like nothing

The earliest contact lens designs were manufactured out of glass. Although technology has improved dramatically since that time, comfort has always been the single greatest challenge for contact lens wearers. Recently we’ve had the opportunity to try out a new material from Alcon and so far we’ve been impressed. Pretty much every time a manufacturer comes out with […]

A Taste of My Own Medicine

Since 1993 I’ve been counseling patients on how to get used to glasses and contact lenses.  ‘Just give it some time’ – I’ve said on hundreds of occasions.  And fortunately, a little time is all it takes typically.  With single vision lenses the transition into a new pair of glasses is usually quick – often […]


In case you missed the memo – school starts soon.  The tax-free weekend starts today in much of Southeast Missouri so go get those school supplies.  Don’t forget that one of the most important school supplies is good vision.  Studies show that 80% of learning comes through vision.  Although vision screenings are useful they have […]

U.S. Government-funded Study May Actually Save Money

The news lately is full of stories about government waste – from extravagant GSA trips to Las Vegas to the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ to $300 hammers and $500 toilet seats.  Today’s Wall Street Journal reports on a study funded by our government that actually makes lots of sense and more than a few cents. To […]

Office closing early April 13th and 15th

Regional Eyecare Center will be closing at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 13th and Friday, April 15th for staff training. We recently began the transition to electronic medical records and with that comes many hours of training. We hope to minimize any further disruption of our scheduled hours of operation. We apologize for any temporary […]

High Definition Retinal Images

  In 2002 Regional Eyecare Center became the first office in southeast Missouri to offer the Optomap.  In fact, at that time our office was one of less than 200 sites in the world where patients had the opportunity to experience wide field retinal imaging without the use of dilation.  Over the last 9 years […]

What’s In A Name?

A recent article in the New York Times reports that a man in Long Island was inadvertently provided Durasal (a salicylic acid solution used as a wart remover) instead of Durezol (a corticosteroid eye drop) following routine eye surgery.  He says he suffered “grievous personal injury”.   To his credit, the names do look and sound […]

Are your eyes tired?

Earlier this fall I attended the annual Missouri Optometric Association annual convention. This year it was hosted in St. Louis which is nice for us as it is close to home – less time on the road, less time out of the office, and less time away from family.  The meeting revolves in it’s location […]